Here lies the full summary and meaning behind the album tracks as well as the conceptual, promo, insleeve and official cover/ back art.

First is the Front Cover breakdown and explanation of it's imagery.


Retrological 2.0 Album Cover

The Seductress

This is a tool that has been used by the occult for decades. The seductresses main goal is to distract us. Most adverts today are always depicted with a main seductress to lure you towards their message. Movies/ music, etc. Men and women alike are easily tricked by this type of distraction.

The Ram

The ram is a symbol of an idol/ deity that people in today's world worship. This could either be knowingly or unknowingly. Knowingly would be a musical artist/ film actor signing a soul slave contract just to make money. Unknowingly would be an innocent music lover listening to music written in "Witch Language".

The Golden Skull

The love of death is constantly being promoted as cool and trendy in today's media. It is a tool used to desensitize us from what is planned to come.

The Dark Horse

Katy Perry said it best. "Once you are mine, there's no going back.." The Dark Horse is a direct symbol of darkness and the apocalypse that is predicted to come. Ask Siri iPhone users. lol!

Denver Airport is well known for it's Dark Horse that welcomes you as you enter the airport. 


More to come