Retrological 2.0

by DJ Ten

The Retrological vision is back, this time with an army of Retro talent, and a more evolved and unprecedented sound. DJ Ten dares to take this album to unexplored territory both in sound and content alike. This project is a valiant tale of light and dark retrosynth bliss in battle, aiming to ILLUMINATE the TRUTH of a masked culture and agenda to the modern world. 

A journey into a new and bold sound awaits you. 

"I am continuing with the epic retro synthesizer driven beats, but this time I am including a more raw urban edge to my sound. Experimentation is the key to discovering new sounds. Retrological 2.0 will take the listener into a new dimension." - DJ Ten 

Get your speakers ready! 



released 17 April 2014 



Additional Vocals by: BayleyBeee & Frankie Delaska. 
Credited Samples used in track number: 1, 5, 9, 11, 12, 15. 
Executive Producer: Ten S, C 
Mixed and Mastered @ TenStar Studios NYC 

This is an Enhanced Audio Album. 

Front and Back cover Artwork is a custom original piece by Fab Ciraolo

Promotion Trailer and Original Insleeve Art by Youp Wehnes 

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A Special thanks to all of those who were involved in this album's process. Including Keith Masters, Dana Jean Phoenix, Money Marley, Frankie Delaska, Blokkmonsta, Scarlet Weapon, Dead Astronauts, Trevor Something, The Boy & Sister Alma, Bourgeoisie, Rio Nova and Leiah Nicole. Also big shouts to Synthetix FM, Maniac Synth & NewRetroWave for the constant support. 

©℗ 2014 Tenstars Entertainment, LLC/ DJ Ten Recordings. All rights reserved. Artwork ©2014 Fab Ciraolo, © www.FabCiraolo.com. All Rights Reserved. The copyright in this digital recording is owned, marketed and manufactured by DJ Ten Recordings under license to TenStars Entertainment. Distributed by TuneCore ©2014. All Rights Reserved. Unauthorized copying, reproduction, hiring, public performance and broadcasting is prohibited. Made in the US.