Another Exclusive track, just for the fans!

Hey folks,

Here is another special gift for your ears to get you pumped for the #retrological20 album release date and countdown. The album is literally 96% done and will be available for previewing soon. Expect the Retrological 2.0 release to be on multiple platforms!!

Anyhoo, here is an exclusive track is approved for the just released "Future City Records:Compilation Vo:". I The compilation itself is solid and is available for free streaming and for a retail price of $3.99 on bandcamp.


The Retrological Vision continues to spread......

Upon scrolling through the #synthwave tag in Instagram, I happened to stumble across these 2 videos... needless to say I was impressed and shocked...

*Click on the pictures to see the videos clips

I am loving the interpretation of "The Inner Voice" in these clips. 

Great job Derrick Whitney.


#retrological20 is on it's way

The Madness Continues...

Look at what I just stumbled across. Glitch Mob recently dropped their album entitled, "Love, Death, Immortality". Once I saw the album cover, I knew the albums purpose.... Rather than awakening...they want to blind you and keep you programmed.

Who do you think this image is depicting? The Devil....or yourself with no empty vessel to be filled with misguided agendas? And more importantly why are The Glitch Mob pushing this? They are tools that's why. their label OWNS them and the label uses poor Glitch Mob members to push out their mindless brainwashing nonsense.


The cure is coming soon..... #retrological20