Yes Retrobots,


Here lies unreleased sounds from my past Retrological archive.  I decided to make these lost files available to hear after close to 3 years. Only available on Bandcamp!!



The Retrological Vision continues to spread......

Upon scrolling through the #synthwave tag in Instagram, I happened to stumble across these 2 videos... needless to say I was impressed and shocked...

*Click on the pictures to see the videos clips

I am loving the interpretation of "The Inner Voice" in these clips. 

Great job Derrick Whitney.


#retrological20 is on it's way

Retrological 2.0 Nears Completion!

Hey RetroBots,

I have just finished mastering the first half of the album. All of these songs sound GOLDEN! You will love em. Currently in the process of mixing and finishing some compositions on the 2nd half of the album.

Expect non-stop synth power folks. Also just got the album track listings finalized and will be sending the list out for the album backcover!!

In addition, the inseelve art is now complete, and they look LEGIT!!!!

Can't give too much away, but the main thing here is that the finish line is getting closer!

Let the excitement continuously build peeps!

Official DJ Ten logo created by  OverGlow

Official DJ Ten logo created by OverGlow

- DJ Ten